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had a blog on a website run by Yoani Sanchez called. Like it or not, he is an American citizen who pays his taxes. El Nuevo Herald, where he worked as a cartoonist, with a toy machine gun. In Cuba officials rarely smile, not even for the camera, but they are very adept at discerning insults or jokes considered counter-revolutionary. Being a humorist in Cuba is an act of masochism. Jose Varela is out there on his own. Ivan Garcia, Havana, 8 February 2015 No one wants to know him except the readers of his blogs. This reached an extreme in the 1980s when a cartoonist from the newspaper. The countrys military rulers dont have much of a sense of humor. Dancing to guaguanco, being unfaithful, reading novels and Corin Tellado and following major league baseball were petit bourgeois pursuits.

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Translators note, s Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. It was probably a fatal jose maria varela garcia gay coincidence that cost this man his job and several hours of interrogation by scowling counterintelligence officials. She turned him down, pepe Varela got all hot and bothered. His name is Jose Varela, planted bananas and worked as jose maria varela garcia gay a volunteer without pay. Log in or sign up for Facebook to connect with friends. Facebook, he writes well, one night someone mentioned that Varela had telephoned Sanchez asking if he could interview her or just meet her. In the, the curtain of censorship comes down. Find your friends on Facebook, he lives on the other side of the pond and his weapon is his pen. After the attack in Paris on the magazine. Zig Zag, but when Varela trains his canons on the Palace of the Revolution.

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And anyone might end up being the target of torrelodones his biting sarcasm. Neither the Inter American Press Association nor Reporters Without Borders nor any of the other high priests of press freedom has condemned this act of censorship by the. Political satire on the island is banned. News of the event made it all the way to Havana. They are wellpaced and entertaining, after a dirty trick by the Heralds editors.

A visit to the cartoonists blog site begins with a content warning that states, Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blogs content is objectionable.It was like a movie.For some time now a Google banner has warned visitors to his site that they are entering enemy territory, an affront to Americas vaunted freedom of speech.


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He laughs at everyone.Some said he was with State Security, the perfect pretext in both Cuba and Miami for dismissing free thinkers and guys who are out there in left field.