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The show completely neuters and desexualizes its gay couple.I'm happy to have it on the air and will continue to watch.

Modern Familiy - hit ABC show with gay characters - Pride

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The couple has adopted a daughter on the show.I'm not offended by them at all, but I also wouldn't look to them for examples of what gay people are like, nor what it's like to be gay.

What do gay men think of the gay couple on Modern Family?

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The only way to even approach accuracy is to have many, many characters that can approximate many, many different people and experiences.

Watch: Four Gay Dads, At Your Service Video Modern Family


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See more »"s Phil Dunphy : Gotta fix that step.Check out stills from Season 9 of the show.

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I've only seen a few episodes, but the characters are obviously just characters on a sitcom.There are many different gay people.Yet they have never kissed on screen.

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Brothers Sisters, with an amazing gay couple at the heart of the Walker family who kiss, sleep together, cuddle, and even married on the show.Parents Phil and Claire yearn for an honest, open relationship with their three kids.

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The recent episode featured a scene that showed, in stark contrast, just how differently the gay couple on the show is treated form the heterosexual counterparts,.While my husband and I rarely watch sitcoms because they drive us insane, Modern Family has captured our hearts.
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