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consideration for the selfishness of others. The time of life when a man can get exhausted simply by wrestling with his conscience;. A long, limber bone. Population Explosion: When people take leave of their census. First Aid Kit: A cat that works for the Red Cross. Oniony: Something that sounds videos porno gay logan moore or appears real, but likely is the product of someones imagination, much like a story in The Onion, the news satire Web site. Dorm Room: A small closet-like area inhabited by a pair of incompatible people. Upper Berth: Where you rise to retire and get down to get. A newspaper employee whose function is to separate the wheat from the chaff and see that the chaff is printed;. Cheap Date: A guy who walks you to a drive-in. Bureaucracy: The art of making the possible seem impossible. Pita: Pain in the ass, as in she is such a pita. A mutant bug which begins to glow after its been exposed to atomic energy. Lock: A thing thats all keyed. I believe in moderation - I work on genealogy only on days that end in y;. The only thing that can keep on growing without romantic vintage gay porn nourishment;. Two women talking about a third who isnt there to defend herself. A thing that stands halfway between an adult and a television set;. A wonderful time of life when all you need do to lose weight is to take a bath. The perfume of heroic deeds. Siliwood: The coming convergence of movies, interactive TV and computers. Cardiology: The study of poker playing. Coiffure: A french word meaning youll keep coming to us because youll never be able to do it this way yourself. A big business term for swapping stories in somebodys private office;. Hollywood Marriage: Much I do about nothing. Atomic Bomb: An invention to end all inventions. Catastrophe: First prize at a cat show.

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A multidimensional object with dimensions ranging from zero to nine. FCS, substitute for xxx a pacifier, multipliers, the art of letting someone else get your way. De part of the body you must park randy to be seated. Usage, a software development phrase, the mint makes it first and its up to us to make it last. Memory loss in parrots, m Arithmetic, being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes. Dreadful Actor 00, debut, tennis Pro, a couply movie, brane. Silk Worm, a network executive, a dish jockey, when you dont care how long you stay out if youre home. Pliers used in arithmetic, a gay invertibrate, an abominable showman.

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A racket for selling clothes, any person who has tried and failed and can tell you why. A law passed in the early 1900s that made it mandatory to build all schools at least 15 miles from all future grandfathers. Memail, a person who is happy to be over the hill. A game requiring patience, palm campers, to request with a push, email sent to yourself to remind you to do things.


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A billionaire after he pays his taxes;.You have character lines.