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He was so unworthy.You know you love me xoxo Gossip Girl.

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Recommended Songs to listen while reading: "Us Little Kids" by The Roches, "My Heart" by The Perishers, "10,000 Stones" by Adrianne, when Charles Bass was seven years old, he became entranced with Blair Waldorf's soft chocolate brown curls because they reminded him so much.

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What can I say?He hoped being its godfather didn't mean he would be responsible for the little brat.

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Like a moth to the fire, he was.Not to mention the love-hate relationship brewing between her and the infamous Chuck Bass.

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The realization that he wanted her forever made something erupt in his stomach.Chuck has been trying to move on since.Of course, you being the eldest you will be the godfather and Serena, dear, you will be the godmother." He was able to hear Serena gulp and a lump settled into his own stomach.

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Epic"s: Chuck: I'm not that kind of girl.He didn't understand the need to go over things that were so ridiculously in the past that they had no significance at all anymore.Blair doesn't let Chuck give up and they fight together against Bart.

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Make up sex was the absolute best.He remembered he was in love with her when he stared down at her before his father's wedding.

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He slid next to her in the limo and that's when she broke down crying.
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